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This site exists because my resume doesn’t fit on a sheet of paper and many are surprised to discover my experiences.

If you’re here, you’re likely bored, curious, or I applied at your company. This whole page should only take you 4.5 minutes to read.

My experience would place me somewhere between VP of Marketing, Chief Growth Officer, and Chief Revenue Officer.

I’ve worked, then managed most standard roles in Product, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. I work well with Finance and IT. I’ve worked for or consulted across diverse industries, from Fortune 500 to solopreneurs.

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Growth Strategy

I see the big picture because I’ve executed every role in the process. I learn a business, industry, and goals before developing practical, scalable short-, medium-, and long-term strategies for sustainable business growth. I explain strategies to and get buy-in from all stakeholders including the C-suite, then manage implementation.

I excel at managing & optimizing across Product, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. I see where things are and how to get to where things should be.

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I discovered leadership as a freshman in an intimate leadership course taught by the university president – a former 3-term state representative, attorney general, and dean of the law school.

At 18, I inherited an underperforming program, fixed the issues within 3 months, and expanded to a team of more than 50 staff.

I learned management and won awards at one of the most well-known Fortune 500 technology companies right out of college. At this time, managing included sales, customer service, and operations.

I learn a role, work the role, hire someone to fill the role, then hire a manager to manage those people.

I validate my abilities as a leader and not simply a manager through ongoing volunteer leadership – leaders motivate & inspire without money & fear.

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Customer Success

Starting at Nordstrom in high school, I’ve long understood the importance of long-term customer relationships.

I have applied the Learn, Buy, Get, Use, Pay, Support (LBGUPS) loop consulting hundreds of marketing & technology clients.

I’ve been giving product demonstrations, building relationships & becoming a trusted advisor, and improving all KPIs – including silly vanity metrics if I can’t convince you otherwise – across multiple industries my entire life.

The Fortune 500 company I currently work for implemented a Customer Success philosophy in 2021 & I’ve been directly involved in integrating sales & customer success.

Working in & managing sales, marketing, and customer success roles has shown me that tight integration is ideal for both the customer and growth.

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Product management was inevitable: dad did it at companies like InFocus, Intel, and IBM.

I built a retail POS-integrated e-commerce system a decade before Shopify.

I product managed my first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) while people worried about Y2K.

I managed a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) the year Amazon Web Services (AWS) publicly launched.

I’ve consulted on manufactured goods from household names, niche OEM products, and dozens of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) projects.

I’ve been a multi-platform e-commerce manager & 3rd party marketplace manager for more than a decade.

I applied lean & agile methodologies long before The Lean Startup & the Agile Manifesto were published.

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I was content marketing on bulletin boards as I started grade school.

I’ve understood search engine optimization (SEO) since Lycos.

I started & grew marketing departments during the rise of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and dozens more.

I’ve spent millions on ads & years testing algorithms.

“Growth marketing” wasn’t a thing when I started, it was a given.

Communities are influencers, “Influencers” are photogenic affiliates, and I’ve “managed” them all.

I’ve sponsored TV shows, worked on endorsements from Oscar-winners, and produced experiential marketing events.

Millions. Of. Emails. Great ROI. I hate admitting that.

Automation? I was using Yahoo! Pipes 5 years before Zapier existed (and all manner of scripts long before that).

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I learned consultative sales in high school working at Nordstrom.

I sold community college students expensive professional training & specialized equipment – all so they could volunteer for me.

I learned local market analysis, cold calling, the four closes, building yes momentum, price anchoring, and overcoming objections in my first job out of college.

I mastered up-selling in the wireless industry, starting at mall kiosks before moving to a global provider, winning national sales awards & rapidly moving up the corporate ladder.

As a sales engineer & product marketing manager in the insurance/real estate industry, I fixed a long-term market share plateau.

I worked as a recruiter, learning high volume prospecting, lead scoring, cold calling, dealing with gatekeepers, handling rejection, Salesforce, and hiring procedures.

While running marketing departments, I expanded to manage multiple sales teams including government, education, international, wholesale, e-commerce, affiliate, and social.

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I started programming on a Commodore 64.

I assembled my first PC in 1st grade & my first internet connection was 1200 baud.

By the time I graduated from high school – nearly a decade before the first iPhone – I’d built websites, managed a web server, run miles of network cable, beta tested multiple versions of Windows and Office, and assembled hundreds of computers.

I built my own content management system (CMS), then jumped ship to a newcomer named WordPress in 2003 before graduating college.

I migrated to AWS in 2006 & have deployed on other leading PaaS’s like Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud.

I worked in the wireless industry during the migration from early BlackBerry devices, through Palm Treo’s, all the way to the iPhone.

I’m equally comfortable on macOS & Windows, Microsoft Office, Google Workplace or Apple iWork, iOS or Android, Salesforce or Hubspot, Marketo or MailChimp, Trello or Asana…you get the idea.