Let's Build Your Pandemic Project

Dear friends and friends-of-friends,

I know this is a difficult time for many of us. We get to choose between staying relatively safe by staying at home or risking our health by going to our jobs – assuming we still have a job. Even for those of us who have worked from home for over a decade, this is a difficult time.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Perhaps you've had an idea for a side hustle. Maybe you already have a side hustle, but never took the time to establish a strong web presence. Or you might have a great idea to help build community during these times. Maybe you just want to share your favorite recipes to help everyone that normally dines out.

Having a fast-loading, professional, mobile-friendly web site is a critical component for any of those ideas.

The great news is that I've been building websites forever and have figured out how to enable you to have a site at a tiny fraction of what I used to charge – you can have a site within 24 hours for less than $100. Even better, your site will include – at no additional charge – some of the best tools available to help make your idea a reality, tools that would normally cost you several hundreds of dollars a year.

Want The Quick Pitch?

I normally start at $300 for the most basic website, but I'm going to set you up for less than $100. I'm also including services that would normally cost between $971 and $1,221 per year for less than $100 per year.

Why Charge Anything?

Good question! Four answers:

  1. Setting up your site takes some time. Supporting you through getting set up takes more time. Just like you, my time has value.
  2. I'm going to build some features into your site that requires software I pay for annually. For me to enable those features on your site, the license agreement I have with the developers of the software requires that you be a client.
  3. Your site will be powered by a couple of services that cost me money every month. I've found the best price-quality balance for these providers, so your costs are as low as possible.
  4. The awesome new job I just got after looking for close to a year is now on hold due to the pandemic. I already put the majority of the last ~20 months on credit, I can't do too much more.

Why Charge So Little?

You might be thinking that you're trading off quality for price, but I assure you that's not the case! So how/why am I charging so little?

  1. I want to help, and this is one way I know how to do so.
  2. I've done this a bajillion times and can basically do it in my sleep. You're not getting sub-par, you're getting ~20 years of efficiency.
  3. Think of it this way: I'm giving you a coloring book plus crayons, colored pencils, and markers. I'm pointing you towards resources showing you how to use your coloring implements. I'm not customizing every little thing for you – unless you want to discuss hiring me to do so.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Just a domain name – the nickbostic.com part of this site for example. I recommend getting yours from Namecheap.

How Long Does This Take To Set Up?

On my end – depending on my order queue – I can have your site set up in a day or two. If you're in a hurry, you can pay a little more for front of line privileges.

Once you have your site, be prepared to spend a day or two customizing it to your liking.

What Do You Get?

You get so much stuff!

Let's start with the basics:

  1. Ever visited a website on your phone and it looked like junk and took forever to load? Your website will not be like that – it'll load fast and look great on all screen sizes.
  2. Don't you hate it when you visit a site that clearly hasn't been updated in years? Your site is built using the most popular system to allow you to easily add, delete, or update content whenever you want.
  3. Don't worry about learning how to use your site! I'm including video guides and a written manual!
  4. You can also email me for help! Some times I'll teach you to fish (send you links to resources), other times I'll just give you a fish (fix whatever you need fixed).
  5. Emails from your site – think things like contact forms, password resets, and order confirmations – will be sent using a premium service for extra reliability.
  6. Your site is secure, so your users will see that little lock in their browser address bar and their interactions with you will be safe.
  7. I'll handle all the behind the scenes technical stuff – keeping your server running, updating the software that runs your site, and making sure your site is backed up.

I'm also going to include some advanced functionality into your site. Most of these features require software that I pay for annually, but you don't have to worry about that expense because I'm your developer. All of these extra features would normally cost you between $971 and $1,221 per year, but I'm including them for less than $100.

  1. You want your site to look attractive, right? Pick a template to start off with, then customize to your delight using one of two popular web page builder tools. By default, you'll be set up using the built in Gutenberg editor. If you want advanced design features, you can turn on the Beaver Builder page builder. Both are great, it really just comes down to which you prefer. Normally if you wanted to use Beaver Builder on your own site, it would cost you $99/year.
  2. Before you can design the actual pages, your site needs a base design that we refer to as a "theme." I'm including one of the best themes called Astra. It's free, but I'm also including the Pro add on in case you want to customize your site even more. The Pro add on would cost you $47/year. Don't like Astra? No problem! I can install the other crowd-pleaser named GeneratePress plus the Premium add-on that normally costs $50/year.
  3. A great looking site is nice, but at some point you're going to want to interact with your visitors, which means you need a form! Forms can be as simple as a contact form, more complex like the order form below, or even more complex than that. I'm including two great options: Gravity Forms can do anythingFluent Forms is more user friendly. I'm including all the bells and whistles of the Gravity Forms Elite plan ($259/year) and Fluent Forms Pro ($49/year).
  4. If this new site is going to help you get through a period of unemployment or reduced employment, you want to make some money! I've got you covered! Take payment via PayPal, Square, and Stripe and build robust order forms using Gravity Forms. For something simpler, you can collect payment using PayPal and/or Stripe using WPPayForm Pro. Both options even facilitate subscription payments! WPPayForm Pro would typically cost $59/year. Need a full store including a shopping cart and user accounts? I'll add on the most popular e-commerce software on the 'net: WooCommerce.
  5. Don't worry about resizing or compressing images before uploading, just upload them! Images are automatically resized and compressed thanks to Smush Pro, normally $70/year.
  6. Get found by search engines! I'll set up SEOPress on your site using a couple of decades of knowledge, plus you'll get all the Pro features ($39/year) if you want to dig into search engine optimization even more.
  7. I'll keep your site safe using three layers of security: first will be via CloudFlare, then tools built directly on your server, then Defender Pro ($49/month) handles the rest.

There's also a plugin to handle backups ($70/year) and improve load times ($49/year) – best of all they work behind the scenes.

What About Email?

Imagine a massive bolt of lightning hits the building where your site is stored. You still want your clients, customers, or visitors to be able to reach you, right? Here are two options:

  1. If you don't care about what email address shows when you reply to emails, just use your personal email. I'll automatically set things up so that if someone emails literally-anything@your-domain.com, it'll get forwarded to you and you can reply like normal.
  2. If you want to reply using [email protected], three of the more popular services are Google Suite ($6/month), Office 365 Business Premium or Essentials ($5 or $12.50/month), or Zoho Mail ($1, $3, or $4/month). You will need to set up this service, I will make sure your domain name works with whichever you select.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still Have A Question?

I certainly hope so! This is a lot of information, just shoot me an email.

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